360° Cockpit View | Formation Flight

Take a Seat Inside the “Classic Formation” Aircraft

Jan Locher takes the viewer on a 360° tour with the Classic Formation.

Every year within their practice schedule, the Classic Formation flies for one week at the Épinal–Mirecourt Airport in the beautiful Lorraine region of France. Lush pastures and meadows reflect flawlessly on the shiny polished aircrafts of the Douglas DC-3 and the three Beech-18’s. Jan Locher seizes the beauty of formation flight from new perspectives and finds surprising angles to capture the beauty of these historic aircrafts. Take a seat inside the cockpit. You have the controls!

The Classic Formation team: Philipp Müller “Phile”, Hugo Mathys, Beni Kissling, Hans Jörg Herzog, Hans Breitenmoser, Niklaus “Nik” Gammeter, Nicolas “Nicu” Misteli, Werner Spichtig and Jan Locher – www.ClassicFormation.com/team

How to watch 360° videos (Source: Vimeo)
On desktop, you can explore a 360 video with your arrow keys, mouse, or trackpad. On the right side of the player, you’ll see a compass that indicates the direction you are facing in the video. Clicking on the compass will reorient you to the original positioning of the video.
On the Vimeo mobile app for iOS or Android, tilt your device to enjoy 360 video. You can also move horizontally through a 360 video by dragging your finger across the screen.


Directed, filmed and edited by Jan Locher.

Copyright © 2019 by Jan Locher.

www.MotionRhythm.comwww.FlyingPostcard.com, www.ClassicFormation.com.

June 19, 2019