Ballet pour 7 avions – Classic Formation & Friends

This film showcases the Classic Formation, one Douglas DC-3 and three Beech 18’s, flying at the famous French airshow in La Ferté-Alais, which is located 50km south of Paris. The four aircraft of the Classic Formation are joined by another Douglas DC-3 and two Dassault Flamants.

Jan Locher, the Swiss filmmaker and composer, captures many terrestrial and aerial sequences and puts the very finest in this film –

Many thanks go to the Classic Formation team, namely Philipp Müller “Phile”, Hugo Mathys, Beni Kissling, Jürg Marti, Hans Jörg Herzog, Hans Breitenmoser, Fritz Locher, Niklaus “Nik” Gammeter and Jan Locher –

Special thanks:
L’Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis, as well as the Salis sisters, namely Lea and Anna, for showing me their F4U Corsair.
Please consider buying the official DVD of the meeting, produced by Eric Mercier and his team of Videotracks. I have no connection to this production – but they make great films!

All the pilots, volunteers and enthusiasts for making such an event possible.

Hugo Mathys for making all of these haunting souvenirs even possible.

Directed, filmed and edited by Jan Locher.

Copyright © 2019 by Jan Locher.,

March 6, 2019