DC-3 Flying in Switzerland

This film showcases the legendary Douglas DC-3 of the Classic Formation in action. There are not many moments which are more exciting for a pilot than taking a Douglas DC-3 out of the hangar and flying her in the beautiful Swiss mountains.
Jan Locher’s communicative enthusiasm projects the viewer right into the action. Please enjoy!

Many thanks go to the pilots and the ground crew, namely Hugo Mathys, Taigh Ramey, Jürg Marti, Hans Jörg Herzog, Hans Breitenmoser and Fritz Locher.

Special thanks go to pilot and engineer Taigh Ramey. He was an indispensable support for getting breathtaking aerial shots! Thank you Taigh! www.twinbeech.com

Music: “Spring Overture”. Written and produced by Jan Locher. Courtesy of MotionRhythm.com

Copyright © 2015 by Jan Locher, MotionRhythm.com

January 4, 2015