Pilot & Owner

Hugo is the owner of all aircraft. It was his idea to build a vintage aircraft formation and he finances the operation of these old-timers, which fly about 30 to 50 hours each per year. Thanks to his enthusiasm and dedication to the continuation of this exciting experience, he also provides the funding for both the specific formation flight training of all pilots and the individual recurrent training on Beech 18 and DC-3 as well.

He has a flight experience of 2’000 hours and currently pilots the DC-3 – with over 500 hours – the Beech 18 and Beechcraft King Air 90 as pilot-in-command. Within the Classic Formation he pilots the red Beech 18 „Classic 3“ as commander.

Hugo is the President of the board of the family-owned Swiss med-tech company. He has degrees in both mechanical engineering and in business administration.


In 2001 – during Swissair’s grounding – Jürg retired after 32 years of service as aircraft captain. Immediately thereafter he organized the operation of a corporate jet for Hugo. Later on he developed the project by building and leading a business aviation company. After his second retirement in 2009, he devoted himself to Hugo’s vintage aircraft as captain on the DC-3 and the Beech 18’s as well as operations manager.

During his long career, Jürg clocked more than 15'000 flight hours by flying, amongst others, the following aircraft: Douglas DC-9; McDonnell Douglas MD-80; Douglas DC-10; Airbus A310, A319, A320, A321, A330; Cessna Citation CJ1, CJ1+, CJ3; Beechcraft King Air 90. While working for Swissair he held various management positions like fleet chief pilot on MD80, chief Instructor on Airbus A310 amongst others.

Within the Classic Formation Jürg was flying the blue Beech 18 („Classic 2“)


Fritz coordinated the maintenance. Thanks to his vast experience solving the problems in connection with various different aircraft, he was at the heart of the mechanical excellence of the fleet. He could be counted on to eliminate the question marks in every situation.


After having served for some years in the Swiss Air Force Surveillance Squadron, Breiti changed over to commercial aviation. Today he pilots the SWISS Airbus 330/340 airliners. Due to his passion for vintage aircraft, he spends most of his leisure time flying Buecker Bü131, Junkers JU52, DC-3, Beech 18 and Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation old-timers. Over the years he has accrued more than 20'000 flight hours.

During his career Breiti has flown the following types of aircraft:

Air Force: Dornier DO-27, Pilatus P-3; PC-6; PC-7, de Havilland Vampire DH-100; de Havilland Vampire-Trainer DH-115, Hawker Siddeley Hunter Mk58; Hunter-Trainer T.Mk68, Northrop Tiger F-5E; Tiger-Trainer F-5F and Dassault Mirage III RS; DS/BS; S.

Civil: McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Airbus A310, A320 Family, A330, A340; Boeing B757, B767. Within the nostalgic „JU-Air“ group, Breiti acts as company chief examiner (CCE) on JU52, DC-3 and L-1049. For the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) he keeps active as a type-rating instructor (TRI) and senior examiner.

Within the classic formation Breiti was flying the DC-3, thus leading the whole formation („Classic 1“).

Aerial Filming / Music / Speaker / Media

Jan has filmed for over 16 years the aircraft of Hugo Mathys: Cessna Conquest 425, Diamond DA42 Twin Star, Cessna Citation Jets, King Air C90GTx, "Screaming Eagle C-47" as well as the four "shining stars" of the Classic Formation - the "Swissair DC-3" and three Beech 18s.
Besides filming the training sessions from the ground, which gives immediate feedback to the pilots, Jan supported the Classic Formation with several tasks: As a composer and producer for the airshow music, as speaker at airshows, as designer of the official logo, clothes and the web presence. In addition, Jan captured many terrestrial and aerial sequences and included the very finest in over 30 striking films. The (now) world-famous shot of the "Swissair DC-3" flying in the Swiss Alps made its way into TV with an ARTE/ZDF/SRF film documentary.
In 2020 Jan handed over his position to his successor, Ian Lienhard.


More films from Jan Locher: http://www.vimeo.com/janlocher

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